Information For Those Requiring Pitches at the Glass & Ceramics Fair at Cranmore Park on 12th May

There are multiple options available as Cranmore Park offers a Slat Wall system which I intend to offer around the perimeter of the event space.

The benefits to this are:

  • Pitch holders only need to bring their stock and 2 table coverings, no need to bring table top shelving that takes time to set up and takes up room in your vehicle
  • Shelving is simple and easy to use, you can have as much as you require and it can be adjusted to your needs
  • When you have finished you just remove any unsold stock and leave the shelving where it is so saving time and effort at the end of the Fair
  • All this for a cost of not much more that buying a double table space
  • The premium wall spaces 5m x 1.5m with two 4-foot tables including the shelving system is £340
  • See the flor plan image below to give you an idea of what this looks like.

A standard 2.5m x 1.5m space in the center aisles including a table and power will be £140, these will be allocated by the event organisers.

The website will have a list of pitch holders with an idea of what they will be selling.

We will be providing Public Liability Insurance. However, your stall will not be insured by the event management for either loss, damage or theft of anything you bring with you.

The site will be open for dealers at 6am on the day of the event. Each stall holder will be allowed two people maximum to enter and set up the stall before the start of the fair. There are multiple access points and a large loading bay making loading and unloading quick and easy, they also have a good number of flat bed trolleys available to use.

There will be specific pitch holder parking to use once you have unloaded.

We expect a good standard of display with a cloth to the floor of each table and all packing boxes out of sight. All pieces for sale must be labelled and priced and all dealers must use LED lighting.

No travel kettles or heaters are allowed.

The site will have free Wi-Fi available.

Each stall holder must agree to their stand being open and trading until the closing time of 4pm.

There will be a website for the fairs along with Social Media pages.

We aim to advertise the event extensively including fliers, banners, local radio, adverts in Antiques Trade Gazette along with multiple Social Media promotional activity.

Invoices due by the end of March 2024. Cancellation after this will require full payment.

If you have any questions about buying a pitch, please contact us here.

N.B. for advice for people requiring extra assistance based on physical difficulties etc. please contact Richard on 07909 145114.

Visit the Cranmore Park website here.

Example of a Perimeter Slat Wall

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Example of a Perimeter Slat Wall

Floorplan Cranmore Park

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Floorplan Cranmore Park